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After introducing Instant articles, Facebook wanted to give advertisers an immersive way to reach people without making them leave the social network.

So they have launched Facebook Canvas Ads. Canvas ads are built to bring mobile content to life with fast-loading and seamless experience on Mobile platforms like Android and iOS. When users click a Facebook News Feed ad connected to Canvas, it opens a full-screen, rich media page inside of Facebook rather than forcing users to wait for a mobile website to load. Also Canvas does not take long load times or push users to leave Facebook through the browser, which keeps them engaged while they are connected with their friends. This will create high user engagement especially for mobile users with shorter attention span. With initial testing results it is discovered that 53% of Canvas users view at least half of it, while the average time on site is 31 seconds.

Canvas Ads are a combination of videos, still images and call-to-action buttons. In Canvas, users can swipe through a carousel of images, tilt to view panoramic images and zoom in to view images in detail.

This Ad format creates a big opportunity for the advertisers & brands to explore interactive and multiple product display. Visual storytelling has become a successful platform to interact with users. People want to listen to stories that they can relate to.

Facebook Canvas ads can be the most ideal format for Ecommerce. There will be high number of ecommerce conversions with its unique product display. This will give users the experience to browse products and view individual ones in detail before clicking a button to purchase on their website.

Brands can build Canvas ads with a self-serve tool with no coding required for development. Facebook’s design tool makes the process simple by just dragging around images, GIFs, videos, and more, then set attributes and start showing their ads. Users can identify Canvas ads by a little upwards arrow that denotes that the full-screen experience will unfold.

From business point of view, it’s very cost effective as advertisers just pay for the same News Feed ads as always, but get to build a better destination where they lead. Different versions of a Canvas can be targeted to different demographics just like normal Facebook ads.

By giving brands a richer format to market through, this ad format can make sure viewers remember the ad through engagement and also create a high impact through its interactive nature on users.

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