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Google Analytics : The most popular tool that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic, traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. It's the most widely used website statistics service. Apart from providing website insights, it’s incredibly valuable to the commercial success of business.

Basing your business decisions on experimental data is very crucial for a company. Google Analytics data is split into four key reporting areas; Audience (who is visiting your site), Acquisition (how they are getting to your site), Behaviour (what they are doing on your site), Sessions (how they have actively engaged with the site) and Conversions (have they completed what you wanted them to), each of which is useful for difference purposes.

These metrics analyze the overall scenario for setting the business goals. From marketing campaign optimization to budget allocation, this tool plays an important role in understanding business goals. Let’s take a look at how Google Analytics can benefit business.

There are four key business benefits of Google Analytics, these are; marketing campaign optimization, website usability improvement, target audience identification and budget allocation.

Marketing Campaign Optimization :

The optimization of marketing campaigns is an ongoing process and making steps in the right direction, can help in making changes in the campaigns to perform better. This is where Google Analytics data is golden. By understanding what works and what doesn’t, we can be sure to invest time optimizing the right activities, and dropping those that don’t work.

Website Usability Improvement :

By understanding how visitors use your website, it’s easy to determine where the website falls down in satisfying users. This can be as simple as viewing which pages have the highest bounce rate (and therefore, drive users away from your website), through in-depth content analysis, so to understand what type of content users are looking in the websites.

The Behaviour and Conversions reports within Google Analytics are two of the most useful sections for the purpose of understanding how your website’s usability satisfies your customers. Behaviour reports can determine which pages users engage with the most, so that we can identify sections which are not performing well and invest more in improving the same. The Conversions reports are great for understanding where users drop out of your conversion process which helps determine which steps for conversion process require additional optimization.

The Audience reports can also offer some hidden gems of information for improving the usability of the website. By understanding aspects, such as which devices and OS your users are using most regularly to visit your website, you can ensure your website is compatible to offer the best possible user experience.

Target Audience Identification :

By now we have an idea of our audience, but the Audience reports within Google Analytics allow you to determine whether or not your perception is correct. These reports offer a whole host of user-specific information, great for understanding your target audience. This information includes elements such as user locations, age, gender and even interests. By understanding as much as possible about your audience, you can not only ensure your ads and campaigns encompass the interests of your audience, but you can also make sure you are targeting the correct locations on the correct devices etc.

Budget Allocation :

By understanding what works the best, from the analysis suggested above, you can easily determine where best to invest further budget. There are reports within Google Analytics which will actually offer you a percentage budget increase/decrease dependent on the specific model of attribution you choose to use. Using Google Analytics for the purpose of budget allocation means that you can measure the ROI of various aspects of your marketing campaigns and efforts in order to ensure you are investing in those elements which are going to deliver the best ROI in the future.

Now, you can use Google Analytics to measure the outcome of all kinds of campaigns and use the statistics to create a unique brand for your products in the market. Evaluate, monitor and innovate your online strategies to get the best results for your business.




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